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About us

Who Are We?

We have over 10 years hands-on experience in bird management and have successfully implemented many different strategies which control bird infestations.


Our expertise and in-depth knowledge allow us to deliver effective solutions and reliable service.

We are the first Bird Control company to have the sole rights and opportunity to present a contraceptive program for the control of flocks of pigeons, in South Africa.


We tailor-make solutions specific to the Clients needs and have successfully implemented multiple Flock Reduction Programs and Bird Control Measures stretching from South Africa all the way up to the U.A.E.

Why Use Us?

There is no quick fix solution out there in the world…believe us, we have been out there.

A Combination of Flock Reduction Programs and Bird Control measures can be implemented to accommodate each other and that is where our specialized skill set is required to assess the risk and deliver a solution to our Clients specific needs.


We believe in walking the path to a less infested site, with our Clients by saving them time, money on downtime, damages, failed audits and most important, reducing the risk of health and hygiene being compromised on site.


We provide our clients with a monthly report outlining bird activity, basically like a data bird control file, by using a first of its kind in South Africa mechanism, Live Off-Site Monitoring, evidence of what the flock is doing and ultimately a monthly decline on flock activity, will be shown monthly on your data file. This comes in handy when dealing with your audits. Our services are rendered to assist before, during and after your audit.

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