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Flock Contraceptive Program

Oral Contraceptive Feed Product for Pigeons

By means of a thorough Bird Management Program, we dispense a contraceptive daily that is consumed by the pigeons. Our state-of-the-art feeder units are regulated and monitored to ensure that the correct procedures are followed in accordance with the regulator’s requirements.


The contraceptive is dispensed by means of our Flock Reducer units that are placed strategically on site. These units dispense a small quantity of our contraceptive designed for pigeons, every morning in a small enough dosage that is tailored specifically for pigeons.


Our Flock Reducer Units are programmed by means of an automated feeder that is calibrated and adjusted what every different site requires in terms of dispensing our contraceptive. Once the unit dispenses the contraceptive feed, it is consumed orally by the pigeons in an extremely short and quick feed. As they will get used to the unit dispensing the feed every day.

There is no threat to secondary consumption taking place by birds of prey or other bird species. As the units are equipped with analytical software on their camera systems to show our technicians that other bird species are attempting to feed at the unit and the process is then halted, until the non-target species relocates. Regarding bird of prey and intervening with their hatchability of their eggs. The birds of prey cannot consume our contraceptive, as it is designed to be only attractive to seed eating pigeons and does not attract birds of prey. Although the pigeon can be consumed by the birds of prey, the metabolism of a pigeon and that of birds of prey, are vastly different and thus cannot have a negative effect on the birds of prey.

For e.g., the bird of prey must consume the same amount of contraceptive from a different pigeon everyday for 2-3 weeks, for the contraceptive to have any effect. If the bird of prey consumes the pigeon before the pigeon’s metabolism has started to break down the contraceptive, the larger bird of prey’s metabolism will not be able to process and absorb the correct amount of contraceptive, as the metabolism of each species is different, and our contraceptive feed is specifically designed for pigeons. If the pigeon already has consumed the contraceptive and the contraceptive has been processed into the pigeon’s body, the contraceptive dosage is too low to have any effect on the bird of prey. If for any reason the non target species consumes the feed, in a higher quantity of feed, than what we dispense per feeder, per day, we have our contingency program plan in place, as the contraceptive is monitored daily, on a program that can be halted, until the contraceptive can invert and work itself out of any non target bird species metabolism within a week.

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