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Pigeon Population Control Program

Flock Reduction and Control

The Flock Reducer unit is designed to dispense a certain amount of feed every morning that attracts and conditions the current territory holders.

Daily Feeds

No new birds will be attracted, as a small amount of feed is distributed for each flock. By the time any new birds attempt to enter the existing flock, the feed that has already been dispensed, would have been consumed by the existing flock. Discouraging any new birds to enter the existing flock.

Fast and Efficient

From dispensing the feed, to all the feed being consumed, is roughly 3 minutes.

Opportunistic and greedy birds will roost around the feeder, hoping for another FREE round, but it never comes, and they fly away. The feeder is equipped with a timer and will only dispense as per timer settings, optimized by approved FRSA installers.

This Program can be accommodated by making use of additional bird control measures to ensure that a steady decrease of flock numbers is obtained over a period.

Each Clients situation is unique and therefore it is critical to assess by way of a site survey.
This we offer clients free of charge within a 50km radius of our office in Johannesburg.

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