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Bird Birth Control Program

Service Description

We are the official sole distributor in South Africa for OvoControl® What is OvoControl®? OvoControl ® is a birth control for birds, developed by Innolytics, a company located in Rancho Mirage CA, USA. Innolytics’ patented technology was developed in collaboration with USDA/APHIS. The non-lethal and humane technology interferes with the ability of pigeon eggs to hatch. The product is fed to birds during the reproductive season. It is, effectively, “birth control” for birds. Where is it Made? Made in the USA. OvoControl® is produced in an animal feed manufacturing plant. Innolytics products are made with state-of-the-art extrusion equipment in an FDA inspected facility. All production follows strict Quality Assurance and Quality Control protocols, consistent with current Good Manufacturing Practices or cGMP. How Does It Work? Like a contraceptive, the effects of OvoControl® are fully reversible. Innolytics has designed a controlled baiting system that virtually eliminates any impact on non-target birds. An automatic feeder is triggered at dawn and ensures that birds consume OvoControl® quickly and efficiently, reducing any opportunity for non-target exposure. This technology complements other techniques of bird management such as habitat modification, physical barriers and hazing methods. Detailed studies have confirmed that the active ingredient in OvoControl® is environmentally benign. Furthermore, the watchability of eggs from a bird of prey, such as a falcon, is not at risk by consuming treated pigeons. This new technology is ideal for larger areas where some pigeons can be tolerated but a reduction in population is needed. Ideal locations to use OvoControl include maufacturing facilities, power plants, oil refineries, chemical production and hospitals. Out suitable sites include transportation hubs, dense urban areas, hotels, schools and airports. To learn more about OvoControl click here

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