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Flock Reduction Program

Service Description

The site is surveyed by one of our consultants and an analysis is made of what type of bird species is present. Either being pest birds or just the odd visitor bird. Once this survey is completed, we determine what necessary measure is needed. A Flock Reduction Program is then implemented, which consists of a combination of bird control measures . This is then either by use of our OvoControl® feeders, Flock Reduction sessions (permitted culling by GDARD and Nature Conservation), Bird Control products or Bird Proofing. These all combined, forms part of a program that will be maintained and serviced monthly, with monthly reports and visits. We take a holistic approach to bird control in South Africa, covering all of the risks involved and resolving the infestation over a time period and not aiming for an overnight solution that always ends up becoming an incomplete program and no long term solution is in sight. There is NO 100% SOLUTION for bird control, but we believe and trust that with complete transparency and a solution driven ethos, a Flock Reduction Program is the closest you can get to a much less infested site, as each site is a different infestation.

Upcoming Sessions

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