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Flock Reduction Program

The only long term, holistic bird control solution.

Pigeon Population Control

Feed dispensers to attract and condition territory holders.

Bird Control Measures

Pigeons carry over 57 Diseases.

Bird Netting

Installation and Maintenance of Bird Netting.

Contraception Program

Oral contraceptive feed product for pigeons.

Auditing Assistance

Reporting, Anaylses and Ratings.

Flock Reduction Program

Holistic approach to bird control to reduce infestation.  This program is maintained and reported on monthly, with reports and visits.

Flock Contraception

An oral contraceptive feed product for pigeons. A contraceptive is dispensed by means of our Flock Reducer in accordance with regulators.

Pigeon Population Control

Designed to dispense a certain amount of feed every morning that attracts and conditions the current territory holders in the area.

Bird Control Measures

Physical Bird Deterrents – Bird Spikes, Bird Netting, Bird Repellents, Bird Deterrents, Bird Mesh, Nest Removal and cleaning of droppings.

Auditing Assistance

We provide services to the FMCG sector in terms of their Health & Hygiene reports or ISO Ratings for Manufacturers, Mills, Plants and Facilities.

10 Years Experience

Successfully implemented many different strategies which control bird infestations.

In-Depth Knowledge

Delivering effective solutions and reliable service. We are the sufficient long-term solution in the Bird Control Market.

Tailor-Made Solutions

Successfully implemented multiple Flock Reduction Programs and Bird Control Measures stretching from South Africa all the way up to the U.A.E.


We are the sole distributor and the 1st and only company to make use of a contraceptive that is implemented into our bird management programs for pigeons.

What we do!

Experts in bird management & infestation

Our Mission

We strive to reduce the population on site between 80% – 90% over a time period, while prioritizing ethical and eco-friendly methods. Our mission is to offer innovative solutions that balance effective eradication with the preservation of avian habitats.

Our Vision

We envision a world where businesses thrive in harmony with nature, free from the disruptions caused by bird infestations. Our goal is to lead the industry with forward-thinking approaches, setting new standards in ethical bird management and environmental stewardship.

Our Process

Our process hinges on thorough assessments, tailoring solutions to each unique infestation. We combine cutting-edge technology with expert knowledge to deliver efficient, humane, and long term solutions, ensuring spaces remain free from avian intrusions.

Efficient & Humaine Solutions

Our expertise and in-depth knowledge allow us to deliver effective solutions and reliable service.

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Expanding Possibilities

Where to use?

Our programs can be implemented at various facilities and include the following:

Hospitals and Health Care Facilities

Bird infestations at hospitals pose serious health risks, potentially contaminating sterile environments and spreading diseases through droppings or feathers, jeopardizing patient well-being.

Food Processing Facilities

Fowl encroachment in food processing facilities pose a significant risk of product contamination, compromising hygiene standards and potentially leading to regulatory issues or consumer health concerns due to droppings, feathers, and nest debris.


An influx of birds near hotels can compromise guest experiences and hygiene standards, posing potential health risks due to droppings, noise disturbances, and structural damage, impacting the reputation and comfort of the establishment.


Bird infestations at mines can create safety hazards by nesting near operational machinery, potentially causing equipment damage and safety risks, while their droppings might also pose health concerns for mine workers.

Refineries and Chemical Plants

Too many birds at chemical plants pose a significant risk of contamination by potentially interfering with sensitive equipment, causing safety hazards, and creating maintenance challenges, thus compromising the integrity of the facility’s processes and products.

Schools and Universities

Over population of birds at schools can create health risks through droppings and airborne particles, disrupt learning environments with noise, and potentially damage infrastructure, affecting the safety and well-being of students and staff.

Power Plants

Bird infestations at power plants pose risks of electrical hazards, equipment malfunctions, and structural damage, potentially disrupting operations and compromising the safety and reliability of the facility.

Steel Mills

Bird infestations at steel mills present risks of machinery damage, safety hazards, and potential product contamination, impacting the efficiency, safety protocols, and product quality within the facility.

Poultry and Feeding Mills

Avian invasion at feeding mills can contaminate food supplies, leading to compromised animal health, potential disease transmission, and economic losses due to contaminated feed, affecting both the livestock and the industry at large.


Bird overabundance at airports pose serious safety risks, increasing the likelihood of bird strikes with aircraft, potentially causing damage to planes and endangering passenger and crew safety.

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