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Experts in bird management & infestation


About us

Who Are We?

We have over 10 years hands-on experience in bird management and have successfully implemented many different strategies which control bird infestations.


Our expertise and in-depth knowledge allow us to deliver effective solutions and reliable service.


We tailor-make solutions specific to the Clients needs and have successfully implemented multiple Flock Reduction Programs and Bird Control Measures stretching from South Africa all the way up to the U.A.E.

We are the first Bird Control company to have the sole rights and opportunity to present a contraceptive program for the control of flocks of pigeons, in South Africa.

Flock Reduction South Africa is a subsidiary company of Procore Group.

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Each Clients situation is unique and therefore it is critical to assess by way of a site survey.
This we offer clients free of charge within a 50km radius.


Herewith a brief overview of the different services we offer our clients:

Where to use?

Where to use?

Our programs can be implemented at various facilities and include the following:

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Hospitals and Health Care Facilities

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Image by Tasos Mansour

Refineries and Chemical Plants

Image by Jason Blackeye

Power Plants

Olive Mill

Poultry and
feeding mills

Land Mining


Image by The Ian

Food Processing Facilities

University Building

Schools and Universities

Construction Site

Steel Mills

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