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Auditing Assistance

Before and After Site Audits

We provide services to the FMCG sector in terms of their Health & Hygiene reports or ISO Ratings for Manufacturers, Mills, Plants and Facilities.

On-Site Data

An on-site data file is left with you as the client, for auditing purposes and will be updated monthly, with analytics from the Flock Reducer unit on what the bird activity is indicating, weekly or monthly, by means of the off-site monitoring.

Off-Site Data

The off-site monitoring reduces the human interference on the program. As too much activity noticed by the flock, on site, will impact the program installed negatively.

In a nutshell, it is the holistic approach to bird control in South Africa, covering all the risks involved and resolving the infestation over a period and not aiming for an overnight solution that always ends up becoming an incomplete program and no long-term solution will be present and you as the client, have lost your capex for the project and the project is unsuccessful.

There is NO 100% SOLUTION for bird control, but we believe and trust that with complete transparency and a solution driven ethos, a Flock Reduction Program is the closest you can get to a much less infested site, as each site is a different infestation.

Each Clients situation is unique and therefore it is critical to assess by way of a site survey.
This we offer clients free of charge within a 50km radius of our office in Johannesburg.

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